Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weekend in Jinja

The past weekend our IMME group went to Jinja, Uganda. It was such a great weekend, full of fellowship, amazing food, relaxation, and tons of fun! We stayed at Kingfisher Safaris Resort. It was right off of Lake Victoria and absolutely beautiful! We stayed in little grass roofed huts (pictured below) that had real showers and flushing toilets! There was also a swimming pool there so a lot of us spent our free time fully emerged! It was wonderful to actually feel your whole body getting wet.

Jinja 013Jinja 106

We had the chance to meet with four missionaries during our time in Jinja. We met with three who were doing prison ministry in Jinja. They had such an amazing story about God’s calling for them and His faithfulness through all their trials and preparation before coming to Uganda. The fourth missionary that we met with talked to us about the cultural differences between the West and Africa. He also took us on a devotional tour of Jinja and challenged us with questions like; Who/What are you living and searching for? What is your source of life? What will be your legacy? We also got to visit The Source Cafe (picture below) that he worked alongside. It is a neat little internet cafe that is connected to a craft shop.

  Jinja 022

On Saturday afternoon we had free time. A big group of us decided to go on a boat ride to the source of the Nile River (pictures below).

Jinja 051

The group loading up onto the boats.

Jinja 066

Abigail and I at the REAL source of the Nile. 

Jinja 072

My friend Davis standing with the springs that supply the Nile water behind him. I don’t know if you can really see the springs but the water was bubbling in the area surrounding the small island we stopped at. 

Jinja 082

B-E-A-UTIFUL view on the Nile. The clouds were amazing! The water was so smooth and tranquil where we were, it was like we were sliding across glass.

 Jinja 088

Our driver, Emmy, caught a huge fish with his bare hands out of the Nile. It was amazing!


On Sunday we went to a Church and our group was in charge of the service. One of the guys from our group shared and we all sang a song for the Church. While a friend and I were making our way to the bathroom between the first and second service we were stopped and asked to occupy the Sunday school class. We hung out with the kids for a little until the teacher came but then she asked us to stay and visit. We helped them memorize a Bible verse and then we all sang some songs together. They were full of so much energy and you could see the love of Jesus overflowing. They were amazing. The children also put on a performance for the entire congregation. I have it on video and will hopefully post it in the next day or so. I loved it and I think you will too.

Jinja 119

This weekend also roughly marked Jill and I’s one year anniversary in friendship. :) We celebrated by splitting a Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapple AND chocolate milkshakes! YUMMY! I am so blessed to have Jill here with me! It has been so much fun experiencing life in Uganda together!

Jinja 104