Thursday, December 3, 2009

Girl Talk

My cousin Rebecca (Dennis’ sister) came to visit the past two weeks. It is the second time she has come to visit since I have been here and it seems that when she is here things get a whole lot more interesting. The other night we were watching some gospel music videos on the television and Sarah got up and started dancing. She is part of a worship ministry team at the Church and so she is pretty good. I started feeling the music and started doing a little of my own dancing in my chair. Maama LOVED it. She stands up, starts dancing, and tells me I better stand up and dance with them. They claimed that I had “real” rhythm… but waving your hands to the music is not really too difficult. Yes, waving your hands in the air is considered dancing. We even did a little side step to make it fancy. I threw in a couple of my own moves and let’s just say they were impressed. Rebecca decided a picture needed to be taken, and like her brother, she isn’t the best photographer you have ever met.


Mukama Yebazibwe! Praise God!

Rebecca is amazing. She brings a whole new dynamic to the house and I love it. She told me that she has been searching her whole life (30 years) for her long lost twin and said that when she met me she was so happy because she finally found her twin. We are the same height, wear the same size shoe, and even have the same size hands. The only difference is our age… oh yeah, and our color. She is such a beautiful person - inside and out. She always has a smile on her face, and she is ALWAY talking. Because she is so chatty though it takes her FOREVER to eat. It seems like Ugandans are generally slow eaters but we always joke around and tease her that she will just be finishing eating when we are waking up for breakfast.


My Ugandan Twin :)

While Maama was talking on the phone to our sister Jackie, who is currently in Nottingham studying, Rebecca, Sarah, and I had some quality girl talk. It was so much fun to sit with them and talk about their “friends.” Relationships aren’t really talked about openly in the Ugandan culture. There is no real public dating unless you are sure that it is the person you are going to marry so it was interesting hearing about their relationships with their “friends.” It was a great night with the girls, I really felt like a group of sisters as we whispered together and shared secrets.


Rebecca and Sarah – greasing up the hair

Rebecca left yesterday and I won’t see her again before I leave Uganda. It was my first official goodbye and I was not a fan. I am crossing my fingers that she will surprise me and come to our farewell party next week. I hinted to her that I would really love it if she came but I know she has work and other obligations at home.

I will be leaving my family in just one week and I can’t believe it.