Thursday, December 10, 2009

This is The End

Well I am officially done with my semester at UCU. Today is my last day on campus. Yesterday I had my last class and started/turned in my last paper. (There really is nothing like procrastination to get you motivated.) It feels good to be done with school and to be able to REALLY enjoy my last five days here in Uganda.

Tonight we have our farewell dinner at our directors house. All the USP students, their host families, and the Ugandan Honors College students will be enjoying a meal together and listening to who knows how many speeches. Speeches are a HUGE part of Ugandan gatherings so it should be a fun night.

Tomorrow I will be spending my last day at home with Maama. My luggage will be picked up in the morning so I will be getting things organized and doing some last minute packing. I also told my neighborhood kids to come over so things could potentially get interesting but it should be a pretty relaxed day.

Saturday morning I will walk for the last time to campus; walking twenty minutes down Edward Zziwa Rise, Nkoyoyo Road, Goat Road, Abby Lane, past Princess Gardens, and finally up, the ever so despised, Cathedral Rise. Even though I have dreaded walking up Cathedral Rise every morning for the past three and a half months, reaching the top for the last time will not only leave me with a feeling of triumph but surprisingly also a feeling of slight sadness. Endings are always bittersweet.

This semester has been an amazing, challenging, learning, and stretching experience for me. I can’t really sum up the semester in words but pictures are worth a thousand words so here it goes…


What a terrible picture, really, let’s be honest, and yet I love it. It doesn’t really sum up the semester but it sums up my family (minus Dennis, Rebecca, and a few dozen others). I have really come to love this family; for their kindness, for their joy, for their deep commitment to God, and most of all for their faces. Look at those faces. What is not to love?

This is The End.