Friday, October 16, 2009

Photo Phrenzy

Here are some random photos. Enjoy.

9-12-09 004

LGR. I think of you every time I see this. every day.


9-23-09 003 

The sketchy post office that I mail my letters from. The inside is even more sketchy and the ally that I walk down to get to it is even sketchier than that. SKETCH SKETCH SKETCH. I am surprised letters have already made it all the way home.


10-1-09 014

Oldest building at UCU. Full of offices. The clock comes in handy.


10-1-09 017 

Some sweet palms on campus.


uganda import 1 04310-5-09 003

Abigail. Roth. brushing teeth. filling nalgene.


Jinja 014

The Coaster. Amazing piece of machinery. My ride everywhere.


uganda import 1 033

Did I ever mention I was at the EQUATOR? How sweet is this picture? props to me.


 uganda import 1 057

Sunset sweetness


Jinja 019

Lions Club of Njeru (somewhere on the side of the road in Uganda). Looks like a nice bus stop but I am just wondering if they put on as great of a festival as Uniontown Lions Club does.


9-26-09 014

Don’t be hatin. Admit it. You are jealous of those sleeves. This is the traditional dress in Uganda. It is called a GOMEZ? Yes, I wore this out. Everyone told me I looked smart- aka beautiful. :)


 10-8-09 00410-8-09 00210-8-09 0099-23-09 001

when it rains it pours. gum boots are a must.


9-18-09 019

Martin and Me. :) Can I PLEASE bring him home with me?


missing you all.162656[3]163449[3]163607[3]i. love. you.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A List of 10

1. Laffy taffy jokes still make me laffy (Thanks Carol).

2. A wild monkey crossed like 5 feet in front of me the other day on my way to school. How awesome is that?

3. I found out that my host sister Sarah is actually 20 years old and NOT 21 like she previously told me. I found her out a little something like this…

Sarah: “The pastor put down that I was born in ‘99 instead of ‘89 on my form tonight.”

Dennis: “10 years old! HAHAH!” (Dennis doesn’t talk much so this was worth inserting)

Hanna: “But aren’t you 21?”

S: “Yes, that is why he was wrong! I was born in ‘89.”

H: “Hold up! What is your birth date?”

S: “April 23rd.”

H: “And you are 21? or 20?”

S: “I will be 22 in April.”

H: “OKAY then you were born in ‘88.”

S: “No, I was born in ‘89 and my sister was born in ‘88 but I don’t understand how you can have a baby two years right in a row.”

H: “Okay, well it only takes 9 months for a baby to be born so it is possible BUT if you were born in ‘89 you are only 20 AND you are a liar.”

S: “Okay, yes I am 20 but I want to be older! It is good to be older.”

H: “HA! I am older than you! My birth date is April 7th 1989!”

S: “AHHH! NO! I want to be older!”

H: “I want to stay young forever!”

Then we laughed. Laughing is good but I still cant believe she has lied to me for the past six weeks! Sometimes she thinks she is too cool.

4. I miss the sound of a toilet flushing. Ridiculous, I know. I never thought that it was a comforting sound  but I noticed it is a little weird leaving the toilet without hearing a flush. I think that the flushing noise just assures you that everything is gone and clean again. haha. I have grown used to not flushing a toilet now but I hope I remember to start flushing again when I get back home.

5. The path that Abigail and I take to school has turned into a dump for all hair/weave salons in Mukono, or so it seems. Nasty hair weaves litter the road and make me want to puke.

6. Coca Cola is bomb here. It is everywhere you look. I don't think I ever mentioned it but upon arriving to my house here with my host family the first thing they did was serve me a glass of coca cola. Funny thing is I don’t really drink pop all the often in the states. I think I had more pop here my first two weeks than I had all summer, MAYBE all year, in Ohio.

7. We get excited when we get Heinz Ketchup to eat with our chips (aka fries) here in Uganda. YUMMY.

8. Our television is broken. I am not sure what happened but it disappeared last week and Maama said it just stopped working. Then today I saw it chilling out in her room. I think she is probably just hoarding it to herself because I was getting too addicted to my soaps and reality tv. For reals though I didn’t even notice it was gone at first until we couldn't watch Project Fame (American Idol African style). Tonight is the finale. I am missing it. I am sad.

9. I had my first hitch-hiking experience here in Uganda. I have never done it in the U.S. because it is dangerous. WHY ON EARTH I thought that it would be safe to do it here I have NO IDEA. In my defense, I wasn't really planning on hitch-hiking it just happened. Was I breaking a rule? I am almost positive. Desperate times call for desperate measures. He was a nice man.

10. I just had my first night alone in over 6 weeks! I didn’t have to share my room with anyone because both my sisters were gone for the night! It was amazing! I had my own little slumber party!! It is weird because I am actually used to sharing a room at Bluffton but I just feel like I get VERY little alone time to myself here. I was able to keep the light on in my room as late as I wanted and I didn't have to worry about bothering anyone. Ah. Twas so sweet.

That is all for now. The end.