Friday, November 20, 2009

making chipati

I have been helping Ida out in the kitchen lately. Last week her and Dennis taught me how to make chipati, one of my favorite things they make here. It is basically like a flour tortilla, except better.


Ida rolling out the dough.

IMG_1724Dennis working his magic. 


Dennis teaching me how to make chipati. This was some good cousin bonding time for us. Lots of laughter.

They let me help at every step of the way. I helped cut, mix, roll, and fry. I even have pictures to prove it… courtesy of Dennis. For some reason I think this might have been Dennis’ first time using a camera. He tried.


Picture #1

Me making chipati!

Wait something is missing…




Picture #2

There is the chipati!

I think something is still missing though…




Picture #3


Me AND the chipati! (Proof that I actually did help.)



Oh what fun! I have LOVED spending time in the kitchen with Ida and Dennis lately. It is awkward and awesome at the same time. There is a lot of miscommunication and a lot of laughter.

I have also been doing other random housework the past couple weeks. A little preview:

10-17-09 006

laundry supplies: stool, soap, basin, jerry-can, dirty clothes

10-17-09 008

wash, rinse, repeat

10-17-09 043

Hanging my clothes out to dry. My family was a little surprised that we did this in the U.S. too but yet they didn’t understand why we couldn’t do it in winter. I explained that our clothes would freeze but they just can’t comprehend that sort of cold.

10-17-09 018

Awkwardly sweeping the yard. This must be done every time we cut the grass. It is really fun. NOT.

  10-17-09 017  Luckily Martin came and helped me. What a cutie.

That is all for now. We are headed out for our last weekend trip to Rakai. Should be a good weekend. Maybe I will have more to write and less pictures next week for you.

Lots of Love- Hanna


  1. What no clothes pins? Is that how I taught you to hang clothes? Have a good weekend, Love MOM

  2. Good pictures Dennis. I think I might like one of those little stools you are sitting on to do laundry. Do you think grandpa could make one? I also like how you dress and sweep.
    Lovelove. Sista

  3. You can awkwardly sweep my lawn in that skirt anyday. Oh yeah, and bring Martin along with you. And Dennis can photograph the event.

    miss you

  4. what kind of person doesnt know how to use a, Andy

  5. We just got back from Steak and Shake with your parents. Do you have those in Uganda?
    I am surprised that the grass looks that nice. Do you take the grass clippings to the recycling center or dump them in your neighbors yard?

  6. Cooking from scratch, washing clothes by hand and hanging them out, sweeping up lawn clippings and carrying them're become quite a superwoman yourself, Hanna! Love the pictures and the update. Aunt Gayle